There are times in journalism when you feel completely privileged to be allowed into people's lives, and this story was one of these. Mitchell Scales and Anthea Jameson were born with one or more of the bones in their little skulls stuck together. It was the job of Hutt Hospital craniofacial surgeon Charles Davis to surgically prise these bones apart, and in Mitchell's case, re-design his entire skull. Both the Scale's and the Jameson's agreed to participate in the story, and I was invited along to watch both surgeries. It's hands down one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Both videographer Karl Drury and I were left speechless, both by the dexterity of Dr Davis, the tenacity of the kids and the courage of the parents. We were pretty proud with the resulting package. And the best part - both kids are now doing better than ever. See the story and watch the video here.